Friday, March 27, 2009

Thanks, EclipseCon '09

This was my first year at EclipseCon. It was great to put names to faces and mingle with the community.

Here are some things that I learned, in no particular order.

  • Choose Import-Package over Require-Bundle (I feel like I am a bit late to the game on that one, but appreciate being let in on the secret)
  • Someone is using RCP to monitor nuclear power plants in France.
  • Migrating a traditional enterprise application to OSGi is a hard problem.
  • I am running out of excuses not to use modeling tools.
  • I should scrap my homegrown explorer and use Common Navigator.
  • e4 is coming here. Start using it.

Aside from the technical learning, I felt the pulse of the community. And the message is this: contribute. Submit patches. Write bug reports. Participate in newsgroup discussions. Help wanted. I think this is a great message and frankly I'm overwhelmed by the number of areas that I want to contribute to. I think I need to submit a proposal to the wife to get more free time...

I liked the session voting. I wonder how we could make it paperless? Maybe touch your RFID badge to a +1/0/-1 monitor or something..

I hope I am able to come again next year.

What did you take away this year (aside from a fish)?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keyboard shortcuts and accessibility in GEF

Here is a handy reference list of keyboard usage with a GraphicalViewer. Zoom in and zoom out actions must be implemented for those key bindings to work. For panning support, use a PanningSelectionTool.

Navigate leftRight arrow
Navigate rightRight arrow
Navigate downDown arrow
Navigate upUp arrow
Navigate into a containerAlt+Down arrow with the container selected
Navigate out of a containerAlt+Up arrow
Cycle through selection handlesPress the period key with a part selected
Move a component

  1. Cycle once to the Move handle using the period key
  2. Use navigation keys to move
  3. Press Enter to accept new location
  4. Press Escape to cancel the move

Resize a component

  1. Cycle to desired resize handle using the period key
  2. Use navigation keys to resize
  3. Press Enter to accept new size
  4. Press Escape to cancel the resize

Select multiple

  1. Hold down Ctrl
  2. Use navigation keys to navigate to additional components
  3. Press Space to select additional components

Select in sequenceHold down Shift, use navigation keys to select additional components
Zoom InCtrl +
Zoom OutCtrl -
Select multiple w/ mouseHold down Ctrl and use the mouse to select components
Pan when zoomed inHold down Spacebar and drag the mouse

Monday, March 16, 2009

Favorites from 3.5M6

There are some goodies in 3.5M6. Here are a few of my favorites.
  • DataBinding support for the SWT DateTime widget. No doubt this will be useful. [169876]
  • DataBinding MultiValidator: Add support for dependencies other than those expressed by IObservables. We have run into this roadblock a few times and its good to see it has been lifted. [235859]
  • Copy/paste support for installed software list. Helpful for reporting issues. [227220]
  • Enable CTRL-mouse navigation for implementing classes. You know when Ctrl-Click takes you to the interface instead of the implementation? Now its smart. This is awesome. [44277]
  • New tracing API. Recently noticed we need debug level output in our product and this will be useful in implementing such a log. [258705]